2020 has been a different year – however even in these strange times, we here at the labs are working harder to bring new and novel products to the Reason Rack (be it the standalone app or the Rack Plugin).

Check out the products below (by clicking the images) and get your licences for Lab One’s Rack Extensions today!

Black Knight 5 Band EQ: Sharpen up your sound control with the new Mk2!

Enforcer Dynamic Saturator: Get your sound louder prouder and in your face!

The Mace Compressor: Making your sound like the pros

ReQ·131 : Ultimate 31 band graphic EQ, perfect for mastering

ZPlane Morphing Filter: Mix, Morph, Modulate your filtering. With added Filter plot!

Stimulant Subharmonic Generator: Go deep and then deeper with sub harmonics

Punisher Audio Mutator: Twist, Bend, Warp, Distort, or all the above! With added oscilloscope!

Equila Tonal EQ: 3 bands for quick efficient colouring of your sound. With added EQ plot!

Executioner 4:4:2 DJ mixer: Now you can mix with this essential addon for a pure live performance!

BattleAxe Sound Destroyer: Break our sound your way – with added break ins/outs and fast reorder touchscreen!

Red Queen 10 Band 3 Mode EQ: The behemoth of EQs, multi mode mutli filter you’ll ever need!

ReGain Audio Gain Assistant: Add a little, add a lot but add it right! Simple assistant tool for gain control, and it’s FREE!!

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