Going back into the labs….


We know things have been a little quiet as of late… Summer hols been and gone, plenty of downtime and enjoying the killer weather we’ve been having, giving us time to reflect and swot up on new products and ventures hitting the online stores soon…

Keep your eyes and ears open for a few new surprises and an exclusive giveaway contest in the not so distant future!

Putting the pedals to the mettle…


Venturing through the wire mazes and circuitry schematics, Lab One has started to build bespoke analog rack units, starting with simple guitar pedal PCBs to create their own unique sound effects unit for true creativity. Keep your eyes and ears open for up and coming sound libraries using these boutique units, and watch out for Rack Extension counterparts in the future…

Get your (Re)Groove on….


Recently there’s been a buzz about grooves for Reason’s Regroove mixer, and after digging in the archives, we’ve found our Regroove presets for the Korg MS2000. Go get them here for free now http://lab-one-recordings.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/MS2000Regrooves.zip. Unzip the presets to your chosen location, and notice that we’ve generated all 201 possible groove positions you’d find on the MS2000, which can be a nice touch for those extra bit of analog grooviness 😀


Creating automaton sounds from scratch


Lab One has been trying out a few sound experiments, taking some inspiration from futuristic mecha style robots you see in Manga cartons, plus modern sci-fi films. Creating various component sounds and compositing them as a collage to give the impression of a heavy cumbersome yet powerful stomping exo-skeleton (like Ripley’s powerloader), Lab One has come up with a mix of real and synth sound blending to give the impression of what you might see and hear on the big screen.

Watch out for a new step-by-step tutorial coming soon

Sound Designing – creating something out of nothing


We here in Lab One are diving in the depths of sound design, working on some ear candies for some future planned sample and preset packs, with some ‘over the shoulder’ videos showing how we go about making our sounds, using synths and found sounds combined with our thinking method. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for more coming soon

WAV vs MP3 – the big debate on quality


Ok so we’ve been blessed with getting from the LP vinyls to cassette tape and the Walkman, to the CDs and Discman and on to the MP3 format with iPods and now even our mobile phone, storing 1000’s of our favourite tracks but at the cost of QUALITY vs QUANTITY – less really is more.

We’ve been looking into this a fair bit ourselves and came across this short but concise Youtube video regarding the above statement. See the clip below:

So even though this video is a few years old (2014), it’s still highly relevant in today’s music industry. We did a few tests recently based on a friend’s observation of sound quality when she was djing with MP3s and re-recording again to MP3 as a final mix. Check the link HERE

On these findings alone, there’s no real excuse to not use higher quality file formats to get the best out of the music we all grown to like, love and enjoy. What’s your views and experiences on this? Feel free to post below

Lab One Blog: Stardate 11392607


Welcome to our first opening Blog post. We’re going to be bringing to you some new ideas, methods, approaches and hopefully solutions to help you create and perfect your audio processing skills and music productions.

Feel free to add comments, the usual rules apply (no trolls, no ranting, no flaming, just good honest opinion sharing)