Licensing (End User License Agreement)


By purchasing the Product (synth presets and/or samples) from Lab One Recordings, Buyer agrees to the conditions described in this document. Every product is demonstrated on this website in accompanying video and example audio tracks. Please check them before buying any product to see if it suits your needs.

For purchasing Lab One Rack Extensions for Reason, please visit for more info. Lab One Recordings does not directly supply Rack Extensions available directly to the marketplace.

The following End User License Agreement (EULA) describes the contractual conditions between Buyer (Licensee) and Lab One Recordings (Licensor), provider of the Product . This EULA is also included with every product that Lab One Recordings directly supplies. 

This EULA may be updated without notice. You are bound by the agreement that is valid at the time you buy the product (EULA included in the digital product package).

Licensor (for sample packs/synth presets)

Lab One Recordings, further referred as Lab One or ‘Us’.


Buyer of the product, further referred as you.

What are you purchasing?

When you purchase the Product from us you do not obtain ownership of the Product but you receive non-exclusive license to use the Product according to rules stated in this agreement. All of the presets and samples are our own original creations. Ownership remains with us and is protected by applicable copyright laws.

What you can do with the Product?

You can use provided samples and/or presets for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from us. 

What you cannot do with the Product?

You cannot use the Product for the creation of a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesiser, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product.

You cannot distribute individual samples, presets, sound sets or audio loops (commercially or otherwise) standalone.

You cannot repackage these samples, presets or audio in whole or in part as audio samples, sound libraries or sound effects.

You cannot sublicense the product further.


​We will not be held responsible if the Product does not fit your purpose. Synth presets and/or samples are licensed without warranties of any kind. We cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of any synth presets and/or samples licensed from us in whatever form. We cannot be held responsible for any and all infringements that may arise from the use of the synth presets and/or samples within your musical compositions and productions.

Life Span

License for the Product is granted indefinitely until terminated. License may be terminated in case you violate the terms of this agreement.