Lab One has brought a producer’s tool bang up to date to the Reason Rack.

Mace front view

The Mace Professional Compressor sets the new standard in audio level control, bringing 21st century ideas to a well established device to get that bit more out of your productions.

The Mace has a new approach to compression timings using tempo synchronization as an option – a first in a slew of existing competitor products. This helps electronic artists to get their sidechains pumping in time for ANY track, and to focus on the more important details.

Whats more, The Mace has a touch panel display to allow the user to interact directly with the compression threshold, ratio and make up gain in an easy to use interface.

The Mace also includes dual mono mode, stereo linked mode and mid-side mode, to get absolutely everything in your mix and masters exactly how you want it. Slap on a brickwall limiter with zero-latency lookahead function, an adjustable softclipper, attack and release milliseconds timing dividers and voilá… the only compressor limiter you’ll ever need to go for again and again.

Current available version: 1.0.5

Only available for Propellerhead Reason 7 and upwards, purchase yours today from the Shop

You can use the CV Gain outputs to control other CV connected devices, using Mace’s compression envelope settings to suit your needs – another way to use gain reduction from a compressor.

Mace v1.0.5 is available for Propellerhead Reason 7.1 and above

Click here for Mace Manual (PDF)