Lab: One proudly brings to the Propellerhead Reason Rack their latest collection of units designs for various audio tasks, processing and manipulation.

The Patriot Range covers the basics to the advanced, each with a dedicated rack unit to home in on the task at hand quickly & efficiently. All Patriot units come with a Dual Function Display that can change with a simple click to view alternative functions as well as visual feedback where it matters.

The current range includes:

  • Equila 3-Band Tonal EQ – simple in design easy to use and quick to get great results
  • Punisher Audio Mutator – from hammer-smashed tambourines to Category 5 windshieldless mics, Punisher covers them all
  • Stimulant Sub Harmonic Generator – employing two sub harmonics generators to reach the deepest depths of your sound
  • ZPlane Morphing Filter – inspired by Red Queen, this unit can morph and mix filters like no other
  • ReGain Audio Gain Assistant – simple yet effective stepped gain control to give you great levelling without compromising automation

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