Lab:One Recordings brings to you their behemoth of a fully-loaded equalizer to the Propellerhead Reason Rack.

Entitled ‘Red Queen’, this Rack Extension is designed to be a full on mastering equalization device, and can also be used as a creative tool.


Red Queen has 3 key equalization modes:
Graphic – for colouring of audio, to give familiar character sound
Parametric – for surgical work and correcting
ZPlane filtering – ideal for sound design and creative filtering using a morphing method.
Red Queen comes with the following:

  • 10 EQ bands (maximum of 40 when in advanced equalization mode)
  • 6 signal chain paths (stereo, dual mono, plus 4 mid/side combination modes
  • 9 filter types (each band can be different)
  • 2 global filters (6dB/Oct to 36dB/Oct slopes at 6dB steps for smoother filtering)
  • Wet/dry control (for parallel processing)
  • Input and Output gain controls (to control levels before and after equalization)
  • Stereo, Mid and Side metering system
  • EQ scale control (for greater control and flexibility)

Additionally, Red Queen has a MIDI control section entitled ‘Consort’. Consort can be used to edit your equalization controls non-destructively. These can be automated by your MIDI controller, and recorded within Reason’s sequencer. With 420 destination links in all, Consort aids with the MIDI, while Red Queen with over 600 controls aids with the sound shaping, keeping the two tasks separate.

Each band has a frequency control, a resonance control, a gain control and a filter type. Depending on the active equalization mode with influence the way the frequency and gain controls work. Graphic Mode sets the frequency knob to one of five pre-defined frequencies (ISO bands), and the resonance to one of three choices (gentle, medium and harder).

The filter types available include: Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, EQ, All Pass 1, All Pass 2, Band Pass and Band Reject – one of the first Rack Extensions to cover all these types of filter.

See the intro video below for more information on Red Queen, and watch out for future tutorials on some special tasks which can be done with this Rack Extension

Consort MIDI Integration with Red Queen allows the user to create non-destructive EQ curves via the main controls; all controls are saved within Red Queen presets

Red Queen is compatible with Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and above