Lab:One Recordings first ever Rack Extension comes in the form of a 31 band stereo-linked graphic equalizer.

Each of the bands is a set frequency based on ISO frequency settings (industry standard), and has 3 modes of operation with five possible dB ranges.


The 3 modes are: L/R (default stereo), Mid (mid signal) and Side (side signal)

The 5 dB ranges are: ±3dB, ±6dB, ±12dB, ±18dB and ±24dB

With additional Gain control, Wet/Dry mix control and filters (12dB/Oct Low Cut and High Cut) and preset storing and recalling, ReQ·131 is a Rack Extension that keeps on giving.

Exclusively to ReQ·131 is the ability to ‘HEAR EQ’ – allowing the user to hear which frequencies they are cutting or boosting separately from the final complete signal – giving the user more focus on exactly what is being affected in the audio spectrum – first unit in the Rack to do so.


The back of the unit shows CV controls for each band level, with inversion and uni- or bi-polar options, plus a global CV scale input control*, giving the user freedom to connect ReQ·131 not only with just audio but with Control voltages as well.

CV global scale and CV polarity / inversion settings are stored with presets. To store CV trim controls, use a Combinator to house ReQ131 and store the Combinator preset.

ReQ·131 v1.2.2 is available for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and above