Lab One Recordings has brought to the Propellerhead Reason Rack a revamped version of ReQ·131

Version 2 now has draggable EQ curve editing, 2 EQ curves to edit and blend between, new input gain and shift frequencies controls, plus brand new peak metering system for input and output signals on each channel
Existing users can upgrade at an affordable price, and get to use their old presets directly in the new interface – fully compatible and will update all your tracks using the original version.

ReQ Stereo Mode

ReQ Mid mode

ReQ - Side mode

ReQ Rear of Rack

Check out ReQ v2 in action in the demonstration video below.

CV Band global scale and CV polarity / inversion settings are stored with presets. New CV sockets added for main controls. New Bank B CV toggle buttons and CV routing added.

To store CV trim controls, use a Combinator to house ReQ131 and store the Combinator preset.

ReQ·131 is available for Propellerhead Reason 7.1 and upwards. Fully compatible with projects made with v1.