Lab One Recordings can bring your old music collection up to date with Vinyl / Cassette tape / MiniDisc transferring to CD quality. We’ll also ensure that the quality of the recording is not compromised, and would supply as CD-Audio disc format as well as WAV/AIFF 44.1khz/16bit audio file for further CD reproduction. MP3 format is available upon request.


Vinyl to CD: Backup your vinyls to digital medium is one way to keep your investment in great condition

  • 7″ Vinyl singles : £5 per track for 1st track, £4 per track for up to 3 tracks, £3 per track for up to 6 tracks.
  • 10″ / 12″ EPs: £18 for 1 EP, £25 for 2 EPs
  • 10″ / 12″ LPs: £27 for 1 LP, £35 for 2 LPs, £40 for 3 LPs

Transferring would include vinyl cleaning / preparation before direct digital copy of vinyl.


Cassette Tape to CD: Bring your libraries of mixes bang up to date so you can listen to them on all new media platforms

  • C60s : £6 per tape, £20 for 4 tapes.
  • C90s / C120s : £9 per tape, £30 for 4 tapes.

MiniDisc to CD: Bring your minidiscs back to life and on a more universal format

  • £8 per Minidisc, £13 for 2 Minidiscs, £16 for 3 Minidiscs

SD card to CD: From field recordings to club night mixes we can do it all

  • £8 per SD card, £13 for 2 SD cards, £16 for 3 SD cards

For digital restoration and enhancements, prices would incur an additional 30% charge on the service you require. This can include enhancement of the audio level (larger dynamic range), noise reduction (hiss reductions) and overall quality of the sound improvements (depending on the source itself).

Recording too hot and digitally distorted? We can check to see if we can repair the recording and convert to CD for you.

For higher quantities or various formats you want to supply, please contact us prior to obtain your quotation.

Q - Can you remove the clicks and crackles from records in my collection?

The original records themselves cannot be physically altered to improve their reproduction on conventional record players (although pro-wet vacuum cleaning makes a substantial difference!)

However, with careful and sympathetic use of the digital audio restoration tools we have available, the majority of clicks and crackles can be effectively removed or significantly reduced from most records, without adversely affecting the underlying sound. The restored tracks are transferred to CD-R or other digital media, enabling them to be played conveniently, with no further degradation to the sound.

Q - Can a CD compilation be produced from a selection of singles and album tracks?

Yes, as long as you provide a minimum of eight tracks, you can choose music from any format (records, tapes and digital media) – simply choose the tracks you wish to have on the compilation and the order in which they should appear, and leave the rest to us! Each track is charged at £4.00, so the minimum cost will be £32.

Q - Can the individual tracks be accessed and skipped just like a commercial CD?

Yes, all tracks are separated during the recording process (up to a maximum of 99 tracks!), and CD text is added, allowing the title to be read on a suitably equipped text-enabled player.

Q - Can I request extra copies of my new CD?

As long as the original source material is out of copyright (i.e. most vinyl LPs released over 50 years ago), OR you own the copyright yourself, you can request as many copies as you wish.

Q - I have a cassette tape recording which suffers from background hiss. Can this be removed please?

Broadband hiss can be effectively reduced/removed from tape recordings in most cases.

Q - Can you change the order in which the tracks on my LP are recorded on the final CD?

Any track order can be accommodated – just contact us with clear instructions.

Q - Do you offer discount for bulk orders?

Yes, bulk discount is available. Contact us for confirmation prior to placing your order.

Q - Can you supply my restored compilation in .mp3 format for use with my ipod?

Yes this is possible, and the tools we would use would ensure the best possible quality available to mp3 format.

But…remember that .mp3 is a lossy, compressed format designed for convenience, and the resulting sound quality, although OK for ipod etc, may not sound as good when played through a good stereo system. Please note: we also offer other file type formats such as WAV and AIFF, which is lossless, so would show an improved sound quality over .mp3. The file size would be greater than .mp3, at the expense of higher quality reproduction.

Copyright Issues, Terms & Conditions – Lab One Recordings

All material transferred by Lab One Recordings at your request must be fully owned by you and must be the original recording. Your order will be processed on the understanding that the resulting CD(s) will not be copied in any way and will be used for the purpose of private listening only and that no material should be broadcast, hired or leased in any way whatsoever.

In order to comply with Copyright Laws you must retain ownership of the original recorded material whilst in possession of the CD provided by Lab One Recordings. If the original recording is sold on then the CD must be sold with it.

By using this site and its services you take full responsibility for all Copyright issues under the ‘Fair Use’ provisions of Copyright Law.

‘Fair Use‘ of copyright materials means that, because you own the original recordings, you are allowed to transfer them to any other media for personal and archive use only.

The CD copy produced by Lab One Recordings must not be duplicated further as a gift, for lending or for resale – the owner of the original only may possess a copy.

Lab One Recordings’s liability is limited to the value of the material only and not its recorded content. If damage occurs in our care we will endeavour to replace the damaged material with that of similar or better quality.