Lab:One Recordings will be bringing to you various tutorials covering the basics of audio production through to advanced and professional skills which are highly sought after in this day and age.

Beginning with the simple terms (such as ‘What is Audio’, ‘What is MIDI’ and ‘How do I use a sampler/synthesizer’), these coming tutorials will help new producers and artists get to grips with the production terms and processes, making things simpler and quicker to understand.

Intermediate tutorials will include certain tasks such as:

  • Automation
  • Equalization
  • Distortion
  • Reverberations
  • Chorusing / Unison / Delay
  • Recording / Mixing your production

Advanced tutorials will include more specific areas which help define your music productions further, with tops such as:

  • De-essing
  • Compression and Expansion
  • Limiting / Maximizing
  • Preparing your production for final mastering
  • Mastering for Vinyl / CD / Online distribution

If there is a subject not covered here but would like us to discuss & publish how certain tasks could be done, feel free to contact us with your suggestions