WAV vs MP3 – the big debate on quality


Ok so we’ve been blessed with getting from the LP vinyls to cassette tape and the Walkman, to the CDs and Discman and on to the MP3 format with iPods and now even our mobile phone, storing 1000’s of our favourite tracks but at the cost of QUALITY vs QUANTITY – less really is more.

We’ve been looking into this a fair bit ourselves and came across this short but concise Youtube video regarding the above statement. See the clip below:

So even though this video is a few years old (2014), it’s still highly relevant in today’s music industry. We did a few tests recently based on a friend’s observation of sound quality when she was djing with MP3s and re-recording again to MP3 as a final mix. Check the link HERE

On these findings alone, there’s no real excuse to not use higher quality file formats to get the best out of the music we all grown to like, love and enjoy. What’s your views and experiences on this? Feel free to post below